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 Ultralite Lithium Trolling Batteries  12V, 24V, 36V, 48V

The Most power, in the Smallest package, that is extremely lightweight,  lasts a Long time, for the best price.

Seaquest Battery offers a variety of Lithium Marine Trolling Batteries Custom Built from 24V to 48V for your Tender, DInghy, Bass boat, Jon Boat, Submarine... you name it.

Seaquest batteries uses a modular system.... What that means is we don't put them in series because they wont balance during charging. No other batteries will either contrary to their claims they will.

Be advised all other lithium batteries have a balancing current of only 50 - 100 milliamps !  Deep cycle batteries need  high rate balancing.  ( Seaquest batteries have a 2A balancing capability )

If you want more Ah than one battery can give, then, just put a 2nd battery in parallel.

NOTE; be advised that putting lithium batteries in series or parallel also have drawbacks of performance fading due to  variations in branch currents.

( Experiments and modeling results demonstrate that, when lithium cells are connected in series or parallel and cycled at high rates with high amp chargers, a 20% difference in cell internal resistance between multiple cells can lead to approximately 40% reduction in cycle life when compared to cells parallel-connected with very similar internal resistance/impedance. This internal resistance mismatch leads to high current into each cell during part of the charging cycle. High currents will lead to substantially accelerated capacity fade in your batteries and substantially reduced life cycles. )

Seaquest suggests using a larger voltage single battery vs multiple smaller 12V batteries in series.

All Seaquest batteries come with 111 year pro-rated warranty.


​Lithium Trolling - smaller outboard Batteries;

Seaquest made in USA Batteries offers lithium trolling batteries that are

1/3 lighter than other lithium batteries.

All batteries built to order and all are Marine Grade vibration proof.

Special order custom batteries no problem. ... ex. 16V

 4 voltages: Max continuous discharge; 150A , surge 250A  30 seconds

12 volt, 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt. ( float voltage/12V - 13.4 to 13.6 )

please specify Group 27 or GC2 case for 24V , 36V, 48V

12V - 20Ah $220 / 35Ah / 6.0 lbs  $375 / 7.5 x 4 x 8" KAYAK battery

12V - 70Ah / 15 lbs / $475/ group 27 case

12V - 100Ah / 22 lbs / $650

24V - 33ah,  66ah,  99Ah / 12, 19, 28 lbs / $650,  $890,  $1275

36V - 20Ah,  34Ah,  60ah  10, 16 , 23 lbs / $650,  $875,  $1400

48V - 33Ah / 19 lbs / $1150

60V - 33Ah / 23 lbs / $1400

​All trolling batteries built with full BMS protections and Bluetooth !​

Quick -snap terminal connects available.

* FYI - Prices - We will beat by 5 to 10% any similar competitors battery price !! Also; As we get fresh lithium cells in, the Ah can change and price accordingly. All batteries built to order.

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