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Custom batteries made to your specifications

Call - email us today to order your battery;

850-725-0306   seaquestbattery @ gmail

 Electric outboard  motor batteries

Lithium Marine Trolling Batteries

SEAQUESTBATTERY provides a wide range of Lithium Engine Starter Batteries , Lithium Trolling Batteries and Lithium Electric outboard Batteries to meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are reliable and exceptional. Making batteries since 2010 for Automotive and Aviation , we now are including the Marine market. From the smallest fishing boat to ocean crossing sailers; Get in touch to see how you can benefit from a longer lasting, more powerful, lighter weight - MUCH lighter - Lithium Battery today.. ( or next week..)

Seaquest battery specializes in lithium replacement for group 24 marine AGM battery , lithium replacement for group 27 marine AGM battery and lithium replacement for group 31 marine AGM batteries.

There are 2 parts to a lithium battery; the cells and the BMS.. so, how to choose when everybody makes the same claims?  Many online sellers use only the cheapest  cells with the lowest discharge rates ( 100Ah battery giving out only 100amps max ) and basic BMS's to keep costs down and assembled in china. Although these off-the-rack batteries work.. to a point... don't expect too much for too long.

info on Li types:

The cells we use are higher than 1C, lower impedence ( .5mohm ), grade A only and with the highest lifecycles we can find for the chemistry. The biggest names have the highest overhead, thus charge more for their " brand" but still use the same 1C cells as all the others, calb, catl, eve...

BMS: does it have bluetooth ?, continuous & max discharge rates ?, balancing current rate ?  LVC ? over charge and over current protection ?


Boating benefits from lithium batteries;


- Bluetooth to monitor battery status

- can be discharged down to 90% vs 50% for lead acid

- level discharge curve

- drop in replacement for lead acid

- 2000 + cycle life

- recharge faster than lead

- no off-gassing like lead

- < 1% self discharge / month

- 1/6 the weight of lead and 2/3 the weight of comparable competitors lithium batteries.

- cheaper  to own over cycle life than lead                                                                                   Lithium Starting battery

- You can LIFT the darn thing without breaking your back!                                                        for Volvo Penta D3

... remember; price is what you pay , but value is what you get...

lithium powered yacht

e-outbords run at the higher voltages from 48 to 96+ volts


At Seaquest batteries, we have been making Lithium batteries for over 10 years. We offer LIthium outboard engine starting batteries, lithium deep cycle house batteries, lithium trolling motor batteries and lithium kayak batteries, all made to order to your specifications.

Our long time suppliers are fully supportive and give us great service which helps us give great service to you. Quick shipping and 7 days a week service are what make Seaquest lithium marine batteries your 1st choice in Marine batteries .

How much weight in batteries can you lose ?t me.


The answer is: up to 500 lbs depending on what batteries your running now. If its 8V golf cart batteries, then please, do your boat a favor and dump the lead! Your boat will thank you, then replace them with a Seaquest Lithium trolling or lithium outboard battery

at 1/4th the weight and twice the power, twice the runtime and a greater top speed. Get on plane quicker to get to that prized fishing spot before the other guy. There can only be one big catch of the day.. make sure its you with help from Seaquest battery.

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